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Watermelon Party Ideas

Whether you’re throwing a party for your one-year-old, or just an end-of-summer shindig, you can feed a lot of people with just two large watermelons.  The sweet flavor goes really well with savory pairings as well as with dark chocolate.  The watermelon decor is also inexpensive and easy to come by.  Here are some recipes, food ideas,  decorations, and an invitation to inspire your next gathering.

Watermelon party ideas


1.  Watermelon cut-outs

Slice watermelon lengthwise.  The larger the surface area, the better, so you can cut more shapes out and have fewer “scraps.”  Press a cookie cutter of your choice to make shapes – I chose a small star.  Thin slices also work best so you can press more stars as well as get the cookie cutter all the way through.  Garnish sides of the bowl with cut outs of honeydew to give the impression of a green rind.

Watermelon cutouts

2.  Watermelon mint coolers

Use the leftover “scraps” from making the cut-outs, de-seed (if you didn’t get a seedless watermelon to begin with) and place in a blender or food processor.  Add ice and a large bunch of mint, with a dash of salt and sugar.  Blend, then freeze in a large tupperware.  This is a delightful alternative to ice cream.

Watermelon slush

3.  Watermelon lemonade

Again, this can be made with leftover bits like the coolers mentioned above, or from half of a large de-seeded or seedless watermelon.  Seeded watermelons are tastier, but seedless ones are much easier to turn into lemonade or agua fresca.  Blend watermelon, then add 4 quarts Country Time Pink Lemonade powder mix.  Add a touch of salt and sugar.  Right before serving, dilute with 3 liters of club soda – I used Topo Chico.

Watermelon lemonade

4.  Prosciutto-wrapped watermelon with feta garnish

Chop up watermelon into small cubes and wrap with thin, long slices of prosciutto.  Crumble a block of feta to serve on top.

ISWTG - watermelon-wrapped prosciutto and crumbled feta

5.  Watermelon fruit skewers

Cut 1″ to 1-1/2″ cubes of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe and place on a metal or wooden skewer.  I like the metal ones because they last so much longer.  The  honeydew and cantaloupe help keep the watermelon from breaking apart or sliding off since they are a little more sturdy.

ISWTG - Watermelon fruit skewer

6.  Watermelon mango salsa

I used this recipe from Pinterest.  It was refreshing, made with bits of honeydew as well.  It was prefect for a kid’s party, but you could add more jalapeños if you want to kick up the spice for adults.

ISWTG - Watermelon mango salsa

7.  Pink cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles

These recipe for these cupcakes can be found HERE; they are yellow cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing and chocolate sprinkles, in red and green cupcake wrappers.  The cake batter and icing had about 3 drops of red food coloring.

ISWTG - Cupcakes for a watermelon party

8.  Watermelon Sour Patch Kids party favors

I got two large bags of the candy and dispersed them into small cellophane bags from Party City.  I let my toddler decorate the bags with stickers.

ISWTG - watermelon sour patch kids party favors


1.  Streamers in red, lime green, and dark green.  Hang to mimic a watermelon slice, where the two colors of green are the rind.

ISWTG - Watermelon party streamers

2.  Red balloons – Tip: don’t get Dollar Store balloons.  They will all pop before the party even gets started.

ISWTG - watermelon party decorations

3.  Tablecloths with watermelon edging – DIY!  My mom drew the watermelon slices with permanent markers on a white plastic tablecloth.  I also used plastic table cloths and pink ones with striations that reminded me of watermelons.

4.  Red cups with decorative seeds – DIY!  My mom also drew the seeds on small and regular sized Solo plastic cups with a black Sharpie marker.

5.  Red and green napkins, forks, and plates – The Dollar Store version of these are just fine, and pretty darn cheap.

ISWTG - Decorations for a watermelon party

6.  Watermelon piñata.  These can be ordered online, or found in one of the many piñata stores in east Austin.

ISWTG - watermelon piñata

7.  Watermelon ceramic bowls.  We used one that was an antique from my in-laws, but I found some serving bowls on sale at Pier One HERE.


I made invitations in Adobe Illustrator that had 12 black and white images of monthly baby pictures of my one-year-old, from newborn to 11 months.  I removed the address in the bottom right corner to share on the Intertron (obvs) and had RSVP info on the back.  I had them printed on 5″ x 7″ cardstock through Vista Print.

ISWTG - party invitation for one year old

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